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About Colt Python.

Colt python is a revolver magnum caliber 357 which was made or manufacture by the colt manufacturing company. It was first brought in 1955 in Hartford, Connecticut. This colt python revolver was or still intended for the premium revolver segment market.

The first Python to be made was the six-inch barrel variant but the four-inch barrel quickly followed.

Three-inch and eight-inch variants were produced, too. In fact, the three-inch model is often referred to as the Combat Python and is considered a rare collector’s piece.

How to order Colt Python

To be eligible or able to order from us you must be at least 21 years old and above, living in the united states or countries which firearms are being ship without little or no restrictions. You can also ask for discreet services since we do accept tp ship discreetly and privately.

Colt Python Review

Not to say there aren’t some awesome revolvers out there because there absolutely are but the Colt Python wasn’t just a revolver, it was a masterpiece.

Fortunately for me, a friend of mine owns two and lets me run them when I’m in town, so I took the excuse to shoot them again, take some video, and write them up.

They are, after all, legendary in the gun world.

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